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L'Altar Knotto

Altar Knotto

The large rock formation overlooking the Val d’Astico, at 1334 metres above sea level in the territory of Castelletto di Rotzo, has always been a...
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La voragine del Tanzerloch

The caves

The second karstic massif in Europe, the Plateau is crossed by many underground caves. Over 3000 of them have been explored, the deepest of which...
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The City of rock and the “Castelloni”

The rock formations known as “Cities of Rock” for their shape is reminiscent of small skyscrapers, even if the apparent overlap of the layers may...
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The bogs

Among the most unusual environments of the Plateau there are the Marcesina’s bogs, included in the “Sites of Community Importance” by the...
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Museo naturalistico didattico

Didactic museum of natural science

The natural environment of the Plateau is reflected in the Asiago Didactic Nature Museum, dedicated to the memory of Patrizio Rigoni, an...
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Il Museo dell'acqua

The museum of water

Designed by the Settecomuni Speleological Group and opened to the public in 2009 in a rural building in Kaberlaba, the Museum collects, organises...
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Osservatorio astronomico di cima Echar

Astronomical observatory

Somewhere in the skies there is an asteroid that bear the name of 12811Rigonistern. The astronomers Ulisse Munari and Maura Tombelli discovered...
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