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Altar Knotto

The Altar Knotto

The Altar Knotto

The large rock formation overlooking the Val d’Astico, at 1334 metres above sea level in the territory of Castelletto di Rotzo, has always been a source of myths and legends for the inhabitants of the Asiago Plateau. “On the mountain, beyond the black forests of fir,” so Mario Rigoni Stern describes the place in “L’Altopiano dei Sette Comuni” (The Plateau of the Seven Municipalities, ed. Cierre) “in the sky a pale clearing covered with brooms opens, where the bones of the earth outcrop, gray boulders worn smooth by time. Below a valley falls, with villages scattered along the river and the plain, up to the sea. My people got up here bringing the victim for the sacrifice, remaining silent among brooms and stones, while the priests through a tunnel approached the Old Stone teetering on the brink.”

However, to complete the visit to one of the most suggestive zones of the Plateau, it would be better starting a little further downstream, from the equally amazing Punta Altaburg (1,301 metres) – the cross of which recalls the ancient Christian processions that were held here to rededicate to God this place marked by pagan rites – using the path 802 that begins in the third hairpin bend of the road that connects Albaredo to Spiazzo Garibaldi.

Just upstream of the Altarknotto you can see instead the Alta Kugela (or “ancient shelter” in Cimbrian, 1,380 metres). In the Altaburg area Roman coins of the second century AD have also been found in the past.

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