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The bogs

The bog of Marcesina

The bog of Marcesina

Among the most unusual environments of the Plateau there are the Marcesina’s bogs, included in the “Sites of Community Importance” by the European Commission. The main one is located half a kilometre north-west of the Hotel Marcesina, and it is the wreck of an ancient stretch of water bordered by the rocks on which the church of S. Lorenzo stands. The second is located instead to the east of the Malga Marcesina di Sotto.

They are marshes in which rare or endemic plant or animal species have developed, such as the insectivorous plant “Drosera rotundifolia” or the poisonous “Andromeda polifolia,” several species of sphagnum, the bog bilberry, the mud sedge.

Regarding the fauna, the presence of the Mountain Frog and the viviparous lizard can be noted. There are many birds that stop or nest in the area: these include the black woodpecker, the boreal owl, the goshawk, the shrike, the whinchat, the ring ouzel and the lesser whitethroat.

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