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The City of rock and the “Castelloni”

The "City of rock"

The “City of rock”

The rock formations known as “Cities of Rock” for their shape is reminiscent of small skyscrapers, even if the apparent overlap of the layers may recall huge books. Created by the dissolution of the surface modeling limestone blocks, they are especially visible on the Monte Fior, but also south of Contrada Ave in Asiago, and on Monte Corno.

The labyrinth of the "Castelloni di San Marco".

The labyrinth of the “Castelloni di San Marco”.

Among the superficial karstic phenomena, the rocky banks called “karren” are also included, furrowed with grooves and “shower” cracks that can be found mainly at the very top of the Plateau. Among the most peculiar and fascinating formations derived from the karstic dissolution of the surface there is the vast labyrinth of Castelloni di San Marco, overlooking the Valsugana above Malga Fossetta: an extraordinary tangle of limestone rocks eroded by water and ice over millions of years, to form canyons, holes, towers, caves and bridges.



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