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The four houses

“My house, the house where I was not born, and which the ancestors had built five centuries ago, was at the centre of the village and cornered a...
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The gardens of Piazza Carli in Asiago (ph: Iat Altopiano di Asiago)

La Piazza

“They had rebuilt the town by then, with just a few shacks left standing. The new town hall, all done in pink marble, was waiting for Prince...
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La località dei Quattro larici

The four larches

“…Tired of playing we lie at the foot of the Four Larches and loudly we read books of adventure. Each of us was a character: Corsaro Verde,...
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Il Sacrario Militare del Leiten ad Asiago (foto: Sergio Dalle Ave)


“In the spring of 1932, work started on the “Ossario” or “bone” monument, it was going up on the Laiten Hills, east of town, were the bombed-out...
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The airport

They knocked down the houses in the Micheloni district, the engineer’s farmhouse, the dairy cooperative; then they started levelling out...
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Il monte Katz (foto: Roberto Costa Ebech)

Il monte Katz

“In the afternoon he has climbed up Monte Katz, then from the Gharto woods he had dragged over the snow, a little below the cross, a big pile of...
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Sant’Antonio (St. Anthony)

“Each morning, when there was enough light along the gravel muletracks, the silent line of recuperanti would climb up to the trenches. The...
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Il cimitero militare della Brigata Sassari, sul monte Zebio.

Monte Zebio

Walking along the Austrian mule-track they arrived where in June 1917 the mine that had changed the face of the mountain and buried the Italian...
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Contrada Zocchi


“One afternoon I was roaming through pastures and hills with my dog, and when we reached the neighbourhood of the Stöcke hamlet I put the leash...
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Località Pöslen


No, this is not the story of two lovers. Neither of a limited company. But only that of two tawny-coated hound dogs. They lived till some time...
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“From the Billeraut I take the route of the Barental, into the wood along an old road. (…) Every few metres I find a memory. From Luka we could...
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Mazze – Prà del Giglio

“They went that way, in lines. The father before, who led Reno by reins; then Matteo, grandpa, Nina and her mother. They took the path that...
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Sasso di Asiago

Sasso – Stoccareddo – Buso

“In one corner of the Plateau, around the fifteenth century, a rather strange people settled and for character and customs they little resembled...
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Val d'Assa (ph: Roberto Costa Ebech)

Val d’Assa

“Among the stones, broken arches, pieces of scale, bell-pins, he also saw bells’ fragments. He picked one up. It was heavy and it had friezes of...
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Osteria “Al Termine”

“It is so quiet now! It is the moment when the wood around makes you feel the sigh of the wind that moves the branches waiting for the snow. That...
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Galmarara - Campo Gallina

Galmarara – Malga Portule

“We arrived to a malga where, in the heart of winter, I had found shelter for the night when I was a boy and I ran away from home for a slap I...
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Cima portule (foto: Roberto Costa Ebech)

Cima Portule

“He has been for a winter on the top of that mountain, where are still the remains of his shed, the excavations of the shelters, the basements of...
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Malga Dosso (foto: Sergio Dalle Ave)

Malga del Dosso – Manazzo

“After the curve there was the road that led to the Val Renzola, and here there were the springs which provided fresh and welling water to the...
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Monte Ortigara /1

“At an altitude of 2003 metres the Austrian trenches begin, the first taken by assault by the Bassano; it was here that two years ago I picked up...
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Monte Ortigara /2

“One day in May 1920, three young men went up the Ortigara through the Sentiero del Civeron first and the Passo di Val Caldiera then. Arriving...
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Cima XII (ph: Roberto Costa Ebech)

Cima XII

“Ma era pur sempre la Cima XII, la più alta di tutte, che da ragazzo pensavo di salire (...) Era il 1936 e non avevo ancora 15 anni; in due...
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A malga Fossetta, sulle tracce dei

Malga Fossetta – Castelloni – Cima Isidoro

“We examined the narrow gorge where the partisans of Roana had leaped (after the flight they were saved because in that year there was a lot of...
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The plain of Marcesina in winter (ph: Roberto Costa Ebech).

Piana di Marcesina

“But will there still be lovers that in a winter’s night get carried on a sled pulled by a generous horse through the plain of Marcesina soaked...
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Monte Fior – Castelgomberto

“Austrians and Bosnians, supported by three hundred and fifty guns, attacked the Nodo delle Melette to circumvent the defenses of Monte Grappa...
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La tomba di Mario Rigoni Stern

The grave

“In the last days of October, in the afternoon just returned from school, instead of going up to the roccoli (…) we went in small crowds to...
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