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Didactic museum of natural science

The Didactic museum of natural science

The Didactic museum of natural science

The natural environment of the Plateau is reflected in the Asiago Didactic Nature Museum, dedicated to the memory of Patrizio Rigoni, an elementary school teacher and a passionate scholar with a deep knowledge of the area and the nature of the seven municipalities. Born in 1999 on his own initiative and with his donations, the museum is an important place for the popularisation, teaching, research and study about the naturalistic testimonies of the territory. The two halls house some showcases dedicated to the animals of the Plateau, from the invertebrates to the majestic grouse, from mammals to endemic species such as the rare golden alpine salamander, and four large dioramas that effectively illustrate the different environments: the mixed forest and the beech forest, the pasture meadow and the pasture puddle, the spruce forest and the high mountain area.

Located in Viale della Vittoria, the road leading to the War Memorial, the Museum offers, especially in the summer months, recreational-educational workshops for children and excursions for families and tourists; it is open on request in the morning from Monday to Friday, in the major holidays and by appointment for groups and schools.

(Web site – Tel. 0424 460124)

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