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Petroglyphs in the Val d'Assa.

Val d’Assa

The deep valley which divides Canove from Roana, in the homonymous municipality, preserves the oldest traces of human presence on the Asiago...
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Riparo Battaglia

Riparo Battaglia (Battaglia shelter)

The “Riparo Battaglia,” in the Prunno locality in Asiago, stands among the seasonal settlements of the Upper Paleolithic. It is a protrunding...
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La piana di Marcesina (foto: Sergio Dalle Ave)


The plain was frequented by hunters and gatherers since the end of the glacial period, 11,000 years B.C. “Riparo Dalmeri” is the most interesting...
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Villaggio preistorico del Monte Corgnon

Val Lastaro – Monte Corgnon

Two significant prehistoric sites are also located in the eastern part of the Plateau, in Val Lastaro (1,060 metres, less than 3 kilometres as...
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Il villaggio del Bostel (foto: Sergio Dalle Ave)

The Bostel

This important archaeological site – the first permanent village of the Plateau – lies less than a kilometre to the south – east of Castelletto,...
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Il Museo Archeologico dell'Altopiano, a Castelletto di Rotzo

Castelletto Archaeological Museum

At the beginning of the road leading to the archaeological site of Bostel, a museum with artefacts from various archaeological sites of the...
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