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Val Lastaro – Monte Corgnon

The prehistoric village of Monte Corgnon

The prehistoric village of Monte Corgnon (ph:www.museodilusiana.it)

Two significant prehistoric sites are also located in the eastern part of the Plateau, in Val Lastaro (1,060 metres, less than 3 kilometres as the crow flies north of Conco), in a camp of the Epigravettian period (9,000 B.C.). A number of blades produced by chipping flint blocks have come to light, and also a pit dug in the rock, containing blocks of flint selected and tested for future exploitation, was found. On Monte Corgnon (913 metres, about 500 metres west of the centre of Lusiana), signs of human presence date back to the Middle Paleolithic; but they are particularly significant for the Bronze Age, showing the possible presence of a castle or a place of worship.

In the site a village has been rebuilt, with a few huts for typical activities of this period, in which you can try to work the clay and to fire clay objects, in the spinning, weaving and dyeing of fabrics, in the grinding of grains, in the working of leather and flint splintering, in the use of bows and arrows. From the centre of the town, the prehistoric village is reached via an ecological path through natural and historical features (see for example the artefacts of the First World War).

Website of Monte Corgnon.

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