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Castelletto Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological museum of Asiago Plateau, in Catelletto (Rotzo).

The Archaeological museum of Asiago Plateau, in Catelletto (Rotzo).

At the beginning of the road leading to the archaeological site of Bostel, a museum with artefacts from various archaeological sites of the Plateau has been made in the building of the old school. Flint tools narrate the human presence in the Plateau from the Neanderthal man to the dwellings in Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic, aimed at hunting and supplying of flint. A room in the Museum displays the late prehistoric findings of the “Longa Laita” in Rotzo’s territory, a small seasonal village of the Bronze Age (2nd millennium B.C.), probably related to a pastoral activity, and of the great fortified village of monte Corgnon in Lusiana, related to the Bronze Age as well, with testimonies of pastoral and commercial activities. Another large room displays instead only the findings from the nearby permanent village of Bostel.

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