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The Bostel

The reconstruction of a house in the Bostel (ph: Sergio Dalle Ave).

The reconstruction of a house in the Bostel (ph: Sergio Dalle Ave).

This important archaeological site – the first permanent village of the Plateau – lies less than a kilometre to the south – east of Castelletto, hamlet of Rotzo, in a strategic position overlooking the Assa and Astico valleys at an altitude of 850 metres above sea level. It dates back to the Iron Age, at the border between the Rhaethian-Alpine and the Paleo-Venetian cultures. Frequented for nearly a millennium, from the 10th to the 1st century B.C., discovered in the 18th century and studied by Abbott Agostino Dal Pozzo, it should have had both residential and economic-commercial functions towards the plain, with agricultural and metallurgical products.

The Bostel, in Rotzo

The Bostel, in Rotzo.

Now structured as a park with an archaeological tour, the site houses among other things the educational reconstruction of an ancient building of the 3rd century B.C. and craftmanship’s areas with ovens for cooking bread and firing pottery, as well as a restaurant-bar. You can follow various tourist, cultural and educational activities, and participate in guided tours. Info on management: www.archeidos.it


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