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The plain of Marcesina (ph: Sergio Dalle Ave)

The plain of Marcesina (ph: Sergio Dalle Ave)

The plain was frequented by hunters and gatherers since the end of the glacial period, 11,000 years B.C. “Riparo Dalmeri” is the most interesting site, 1,240 metres above sea level on the northern edge of the plain, in the municipality of Grigno (Trento). Twenty years of excavations by the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences have uncovered faunal remains, stone artifacts, structures linked to ritual forms, as well as a rich set of stones painted with naturalistic and symbolic representations. For the study and enhancement of the site, the “Centro Preistoria Marcesina” (Marcesina Prehistoric Centre) was made in the vicinity of the Rifugio Barricata (Barricata shelter), north of Piana, with the reconstruction of the shelter, educational activities and tours. The shelter can be reached by the CAI path 242, departing from Grigno. Info: Museo delle Scienze
, Via Calepina 14, 38100 Trento. 
Tel. 0461/270311 – www.mtsn.tn.it

Another prehistoric settlement of 2-3 thousand years later, the Grotta di Ernesto, is located in the side of the Marcesina plain above Tezze di Brenta, but always in the municipality of Grigno (Val d’Antenne). It presents several findings related to the slaughter and conservation of animals, but it is no longer open for safety reasons.

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