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Torre scaligera

The tower in the center of Enego.

The tower in the center of Enego.

A Roman presence was found in the Enego territory at the Tower of Bastia, towards the bottom of the valley, perhaps soldiers in transit. This place housed, together with Rotzo, the first permanent settlements on the Plateau. At the foundation of the “Reggenza” (Regency), the Scaligeri family exerted a strong influence on the territory; in 1335 they built a castle in Enego, as a summer residence and for the country’s defence. The tower visible in the square, with a crest of the Verona’s Lords on the top, is the only survivor of the four original towers, connected by thick walls and surrounded by a moat. On the other side of the square, above a monumental flight of steps, stands the church of Santa Giustina (St. Justine), which houses an altarpiece of Jacopo Da Ponte.

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