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Institute of cimbrian culture – Roana

The Institute was founded in 1973 in Roana, in order to register the forms of this language still spoken, and to investigate the questions...
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La chiesetta di Santa Margherita a Rotzo

Church of Santa Margherita (St. Margaret)

Located along the provincial road that from Rotzo leads to Pedescala, it is deemed the oldest church in the Plateau by a report of a bishop visit...
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La torre scaligera a Enego

Torre scaligera

A Roman presence was found in the Enego territory at the Tower of Bastia, towards the bottom of the valley, perhaps soldiers in transit. This...
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Campana (Lusiana)

Campana, one of the 25 hamlets and districts in which the town of Lusiana is divided, has a tower with at its base one of the oldest bells in...
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La Calà del Sasso, con i suoi 4.444 gradini in pietra.

Calà del Sasso

Built in 1388 by the municipality of Asiago to evade the heavy taxes imposed by the neighbouring municipalities for the communications with the...
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Valle dei Mulini a Gallio

I mulini di Gallio

Since the 16th century the presence of some factories for tanning leather, moved by the water of the stream, is documented in the valley of Valle...
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Il Palazzo della Reggenza, oggi municipio di Asiago.

Palazzo della Reggenza (Regency Palace)

The Federation of the “Sette Comuni” (Seven Municipalities) was ruled by a Council (named “Reggenza,” Regency) composed by 14 councillors, two...
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