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Other war museum

The Museum of Foza, Great War section.

The Museum of Foza, Great War section (ph: Il Museo di Foza)

Among the several minor collections on the Plateau dedicated to the war (Treschè Conca, Sasso di Asiago, Enego, the same War Memorial), the Multimedia Room inside the Millepini Palace of Tourism in Asiago and the War and Emigration’s Ethnographic Museum of Foza are noteworthy.

Few but very selected objects are present in the second exhibition, which is particularly significant because it develops a multimedia storytelling, with a strong emotional connotation, of the various phases of the conflict, especially in relation to the Foza area. It narrates the discomfort of the population at the approach of the war, the refugees’ tragedy, the fightings on the front, the return of the refugees and the rebirth of the town, the activity of the “recuperanti” (the men who recovered war remnants and relics as a job).




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