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Il Sentiero del silenzio (The Path of silence)

Art installation in The Pat of Silence.

Art installation in The Pat of Silence.

In Campomuletto, in the Gallio area, you will find this fascinating route through the woods, with a dozen artwork installations designed to stimulate a meditation on the violence of war, and to transmit its memory. Each installation is accompanied by an essay or a poem by artists and intellectuals such as Nazim Hikmet, Emanno Olmi, Hermann Hesse, Bertolt Brecht, John Paul II, David Maria Turoldo and Mario Rigoni Stern himself (the Sergeant’s incipit). “The only great evil that must be fought,” the passage signed by eight Nobel Prize for Peace winners says, “is not one or another group of people, but rather the fear and hatred that continue to take root in the hearts of men.” Designed and realised by Diego Morlin, the Path is about two kilometres long and you can cover it in about an hour.

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