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Historical museum of the first world war

The Historical museum of the first world war, in Canove.

The Historical museum of the first world war, in Canove.

Housed in the former railway station of Canove and gradually expanded over the years, in 14 themed rooms for a total of 600 square meters it exhibits a collection of about 8 thousand war relics, even with a small section dedicated to the Second World War, reconstructing not only military equipment, also in comparison with those of other armies, but even the daily life of the soldiers and the rear behind the front line.

Among the most significant “pieces” there are a 1,200 kg weight shell of the “Big Bertha” – a 42 cm diameter and 160 cm height cannon – and another of the “Big George” (35 cm diameter), the cannon placed in Calceranica, about thirty miles away, which devastated the towns of the Plateau in the spring of 1916. The collections of the soldiers’ personal items (identification tags, watches, badges, votive medals, family postcards) are very significant. As peculiar items there are a 1915 Austrian pressure cooker, a suction pump, a sleigh-machine gun, and in addition over 2,000 original photographs and the reproductions of the most famous covers of Achille Beltrame on the “Domenica del Corriere” magazine.

Outside, as well as some cannons, a narrow gauge locomotive of a cog railway is placed, similar to those used on the Piovene Rocchette-Asiago railway line.

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