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I racconti di guerra

I racconti di guerra

Einaudi, 2006.

(War Stories)

This work (introduced by Folco Portinari) collects all the short stories, articles and writings that Rigoni Stern has devoted to the theme of war, arranged in a narrative and historical logic by the author himself, and divided into four sections: First World War (19 writings), Second World War (27 writings), imprisonment (13 writings), Resistance (9 writings). By restoring the voice of those who have seen and experienced, Rigoni Stern writes for the need, owned by the “survivor” to tell even for those who can no longer do so, and to explain the war to those who do not know how to explain it. A raw image of those thirty years emerged, years that have been the cradle and then the grave of too many young people, as the “Sergeant” and his “Alpini.”


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