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Aspettando l’alba e altri racconti

Aspettando l'alba e altri racconti

Einaudi, 2004.

(Waiting for the dawn and other stories)

Nineteen intense short stories that intertwine the main themes of the poetry of Rigoni Stern, nature and war, in a perfect concert of emotions, places and feelings. The very structure of the book divides the two strands, but no one ever exclude the other. From the visit to the “Lager” 1 / B in Masuria, now a bucolic place, to the walks in the shadow of the memory with Primo Levi, from the reorganisation of the Ferragosto in soffitta (Assumption Day in the Attic) to the memories of a young sergeant, from the hare chased through the woods to his dog trained to “go slow through the woods, ” now that his master has aged.

In the background there is always only one memory, one heart, that “in the hour of sunset” finds itself to greet lost friends (Nuto, Primo Levi), the secret poets, the companions of adventure and hunting, the unforgettable faces of a life.


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