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Uomini, boschi e api

Uomini, boschi e api

Einaudi, 1980.

(Men, Woods and Bees)

The book brings together a long story, “I giorni del Nord-Est” (The days of the North East), in which the writer returns to the themes of war and imprisonment, three collections of short stories, closely related to each other, about nature, animals and the jobs of his Plateau (Con il cielo e le selve – With the sky and the woods, Stagione di vita in compagnia delle api – Season of life in the company of bees, Lavori di montagna – Mountain jobs), and a last standalone story, L’ultimo viaggio di un emigrante (The last journey of an immigrant).

This work, to define it in the words of Zanzotto, gathers “a collective, encompassing and also selective memory,” a path that sets the story of Man and his Earth through everyday life, the signs of the seasons, the colors of the dandelion, the little things, often forgotten.


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