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Arboreto salvatico

Arboreto salvatico

Einaudi, 1991.

(Wild Arboretum)

At one time, Pliny the Elder said, “not less than the gods, no less than the simulacra of gold and silver, the majestic trees of the forest were adored.” And thus, as a tribute to Nature which gives men its best fruits, Rigoni Stern dedicates this collection of twenty short stories to the trees, starting with those from his “brolo” (orchard) he planted and cared for. Each tree is described in its botanical characteristics, but also in its historical or mythological connotations, especially with its burden of anecdotes, stories and memories that it brings with itself for generations and passes down to the men who, like the author, know how to listen to its breath.

Great is the people of trees, remember Rigoni Stern, scattered from swamps to mountains, from hot to cold climates; innumerable trees on Earth in thousands of species… If it were not for them there would be no life. No life. “Salvatico” remember the author, has an ancient connotation that brings back to the two meanings of “selvaggio” (wild) and “salvifico” (salvific).


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