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Amore di confine

Amore di confine

Einaudi, 1986.

(Border Love)

It is an anthology of 44 short stories, divided into four sections and chronologically arranged, almost like an autobiography.

Border Love” is that, during the Great War, between a Sicilian soldier and a young local woman of the Plateau then died, refugee, of a broken heart. A love capable of bridging the distances and cultural gaps that characterise the Italy of the time, but that remains “confined” in the parenthesis of the War, in the brevity of human life and its exhausting daily life. But it is also the love that binds generations, seasons, peoples, landscapes, past and present of a world on the edge of the World, in which the very personal story of the author unravels itself. So the imprisonment in the Camp echoes in the difficult new postwar life in the Plateau, the years as a soldier are revealed by the machine-gun sound of the typewriter in his new job as a clerk in the Land Registry. So the dryness of the human heart, and at the same time its ability to redeem himself, catalyse themselves in the gesture of a little girl (“L’incredibile dono,” The unbelievable gift), binding together and become collective memory.


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