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1915-1918. La guerra sugli altipiani. Testimonianze di soldati al fronte (a cura di)

La guerra sugli altipiani

Neri Pozza, 2000.

(1915-1918. The War on the Plateaux. Testimonies of Soldiers on the Front Line)

Born on the impetus of President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (who wrote the foreword), this large volume edited by Rigoni Stern reflects his readings on the theme of war and its literary preferences, above all Lussier and Paolo Emilio Bonelli, but also former “enemies” authors as Robert Musil and Fritz Weber, historians and generals, and some ordinary citizens, confirming his vocation to give voice to daily events and humble people, whereas usually trumpets blare and rhetoric rages.

The volume, which shows a mature and profound pacifism, closes with a large, detailed and lively account of the return of refugees and the reconstruction of the Plateau, where the writer gives proof of his excellent talent as researcher and “reporter.”


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