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The life, the works, the itineraries

The life of Mario Rigoni Stern

The childhood, the youth, the military years, the war, the captivity, the return on his mountains and the love for writing.
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Block-notes of Mario Rigoni Stern.

The books, between war memories and love for nature

The nature and the war, men and animals, his land and the universal values.
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On the steps of the writer

Discover the land that inspired the pages of Mario Rigoni Stern.
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The Asiago Plateau, its history, its places

Petroglyphs in the Val d'Assa.

History of the Asiago Plateau

From prehistorian times to the Cimbrians, from the First to the Second World War, until today
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Località Pöslen

Reach the Asiago Plateau

How to arrive to the Asiago Plateau from every direction and with different transportation.
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A land to browse

The most beautiful and interesting places of the Asiago Plateau
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